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Schools receive grants

Director of Schools Bobby Cox shared the latest release from the State Department regarding career and technical education (CTE) Middle School Grants and Expansion Grants. 

“We are very proud to receive this funding and want to thank Tracy Risinger for her continued efforts to apply for funding to improve our CTE program district wide,” said Cox.

Governor Bill Lee and the Tennessee Department of Education are awarding start-up grants to fund middle school CTE; science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education; and the expansion of equitable access and participation in early postsecondary opportunities (EPSOs).

“The sooner we can introduce valuable career and technical skills to students, the better prepared they are to enter the workforce when they graduate,” said Governor Bill Lee. “I’m pleased to see these grants are being delivered and I am incredibly optimistic about the impact they will have on Tennessee’s kids.”

“Emphasizing STEM and CTE education, as well as providing opportunities to earn postsecondary credit, will help set our students on the path to success,” said Commissioner Schwinn. “The Best for All strategic plan prioritizes career exploration, and middle school is a pivotal time for students to learn more about opportunities beyond graduation and how they best align with their strengths and interests.” 

The Best for All strategic plan includes supports for all students to explore career paths and earn postsecondary credit. The middle school STEM and CTE start-up grants will emphasize middle school CTE classrooms across Tennessee with the goal of adding an additional 100 new middle school STEM programs by 2022. 

As for the EPSO expansion grant, it will provide resources to districts to expand equitable access and participation while also strengthening educator talent to invest in development and coaching of teachers, aligning with priority three of the Best for All strategic plan.

The WCHS will receive a $10,000 Early Postsecondary Expansion Grant while the following Warren County schools will receive a collective $10,000 Middle School CTE Start-Up Grant:




Irving College



The funds will be available to schools on January 1, 2020.