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Schools extend Kelly Services contract
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With hopes the school system may be able to pay substitute teachers more, the Board of Education has voted to extend the contract for Kelly Services.
“We struggle to keep the pool of substitutes up,” admitted Director of Schools Bobby Cox, noting the current take-home pay for a day’s work per substitute teacher is $54.38. “There are some days when substitutes are not available.”
Cox said Kelly Services staffs about 40 substitutes a day in Warren County, meaning the county uses almost 7,000 substitutes a year.
Given the demand, Cox said he would like to look at the budget and see if the school system can afford to up the daily take-home pay to $60 per substitute. By doing that, he hopes it would interest more people to work as a substitute teacher.
“They are vital to our system,” Cox told the Board of Education.
Cox said there has not been a raise in substitute pay since 2011 and a boost is long overdue. The planned increase would cost about $40,000 a year in the bill rate paid by the school system.
“If the budget allows it, we can raise the rate,” Cox said, suggesting the Board of Education approve keeping Kelly Services as the school’s substitute teacher contractor for another year.
The board unanimously approved a one-year contract extension with Kelly.