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School work update given

Architect Allen Hill of Upland Design Group updated the School Board on construction at both Bobby Ray and West Elementary.

In Hill’s presentation about Bobby Ray, photos showed progress made on both the exterior and interior of the new building. 

“The school sign as it sits would slightly interfere with handicap access so it needs to be moved,” said Hill. “There is some touch-up trim painting going on and electrical trim to do, but it looks like the building will be able to be occupied around Labor Day.”

Hill explained the contractor has requested a 30-day time extension for additional work on the elevator at Bobby Ray. Hill recommended the School Board approve the extension, which it did.

“That was because of discussion with fire marshal and trying to figure out what they wanted us to do with that additional fire proofing work and I think it is warranted,” said Hill. “That would not apply to the entire project, just the elevator portion of it.”

Also given was an update on West Elementary’s project. 

According to Hill, work is underway for the elevator shaft at the front of the building. In the back, a slab was poured for the cafeteria. The new kitchen/ cafeteria area is planned to be complete in approximately March 2020, and the full project approximately early fall 2020.

At West, a few items are being worked through with the fire marshal including a water heater in a student-occupied space and the reconstruction of steps at the back of what will be the computer lab as it will be a fire exit.