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School System wins lawsuit, but pays legal fees
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Scott Rubley

The Warren County School System won the lawsuit against it involving a male child, but still has to pay an undisclosed amount in court fees.

Very few details have been released about the lawsuit which came up against the school system earlier this year. The few details given were that it involved a male child and a nominal settlement offer. The School Board rejected the settlement offer in January.

The county’s Budget and Finance Committee and Financial Management Committee briefly discussed the lawsuit at their meetings Thursday night due to having to approve money coming out of legal services.

Said Commissioner Scott Rubley, “This is coming out of legal services. I spoke to Justin Cotten about this today and apparently we had to defend ourselves in a trial, which we did win, but these were the costs of legal services. Legal costs incurred during that trial so this is something we really don’t have a choice on. It is coming out of the school system’s budget.”

“Some of this is court costs and court reporter fees, so it is not a settlement of any kind. It is just a cost incurred for defending,” said Finance Department director Justin Cotton.

Some of the commissioners were confused as to why they had to pay if they won the lawsuit.

“Usually when you win, doesn’t the other side have to pick it up? Is that not a thing?” asked Commissioner Christy Ross.

“Not in this situation,” answered Cotten.

The amount of money being paid out of legal services was not disclosed. 

Both committees voted in favor of using the money to pay for the legal fees. County Executive Jimmy Haley did not say much on the subject and said they cannot discuss it.