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School enrollment climbs
Its back to reading, writing and arithmetic in Warren County. The first full day of school was Thursday. As students settle into their routines, they can look forward to their first vacation day on Labor Day on Sept. 4. Pictured enjoying their first day are Eastside third-graders, from left, Hadassah Bryan, Peyton Rowland, Scout Gunter, and Kalian McBride.

The Warren County School System better get more teachers and more books.
The school year began Thursday morning and enrollment is up compared to the first day last year.
"We're still registering students so our enrollment is expected to go up even more," said Director of Schools Bobby Cox.
Reported enrollment in all Warren County schools was 6,616 students. That's up 266 students from last year when 6,350 students were registered after day one.
The biggest leap in enrollment came at WCHS where enrollment has ballooned to 2,035 studnts. That's up from 1,778 last year.
Irving College School also saw a significant increase to 254 students, up from 220 last year. Most schools were very close to their starting enrollment last year.
Cox had a busy day Thursday as he visited seven of the county's schools. Those were WCHS, West, Eastside, WCMS, Hickory Creek, Morrison and Irving College.
"The first day, as far as a startup day, everything went really smooth," said Cox. "I know traffic was backed up a little bit at the high school but that's normal for a first day."
As for overall demeanor, Cox said it appears people were happy to be back at school.
"I was at West during the morning dropoff when teachers were unloading kids and the teachers were smiling and the kids were smiling so it looked like it was shaping up to be a good day," said Cox.
Students will get their first school holiday on Monday, Sept. 4, which is Labor Day.

Bobby Ray 553 
Centertown 499
Dibrell 486
Eastside 420
Hickory Creek 636
Irving College 254
Morrison 422
Warren Acad. 18
WCMS 815
WCHS 2,035
WCHS Annex 15
West 463
TOTAL 6,616