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School Board discusses Strategic Plan

Warren County School Board recently gathered for its annual evaluation of the five-year Strategic Plan. This plan was developed in 2017 and will run through 2022 for the Warren County School district 

One action step led to a discussion on a hot topic issue – teacher merit pay. Several Board members voiced their opinions. 

“I’ve always been in favor of merit-based pay and I know that to be a hairy subject that not everyone agrees with,” said Board member Teddy Jones. “Could we look at or consider, when thinking about next year’s budget, at least a differential between regular teachers and teacher leaders?”

Answered Director of Schools Bobby Cox. “We could do that. The merit pay part of it, we’ve looked at several different factors on merit pay and if you base merit pay on test scores, I don’t think it is a fair measure.”

Added School Board member Bill Zechman, “Ten or 11 years ago, I was in the position that Teddy is in, that the idea of performance-based pay for teachers is very attractive until you get into the implementation.” 

Cox shared a disadvantage to the merit based system.

“School culture is something that means a lot,” explained Cox. “If everyone is working as a team and for the same goal… I don’t ever want to get to the point where we are saying, why would I share that with you, if I’m going to get more pay for it, why should I help you?”

Each department head was present to shed more insight on the seven-part plan, including Autumn Turner, Robin Phillips, Candice Willmore, Kim Henegar, Carl Curtis, Katrina Allen, Vicki Dodd and Tracy Risinger Here’s a look at the Strategic Plan overview that was presented.

Goal 1 - Increasing Student Literacy 

Goal 2 - Professional Learning Communities

Goal 3 - Behavior and Social-Emotional Learning

Goal 4 - Part I: Rigorous and Relevant Instructional Program

Part II: Digital Age Learning and Collaboration

Goal 5 - Systemic Communication, Collaboration and Community Engagement

Goal 6 - Theme Based Academies and Small Learning Communities

Goal 7 - Financial Resources

The next official School Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 23 at 5 p.m. at the Central Office.