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School Board approves $2.89M Bobby Ray bid
Bobby Ray 2
Lisa Hobbs photo Construction of an addition at Bobby Ray Elementary is slated to begin immediately after the school year ends. While some alternate projects were included, others were not. Among items rejected was a decorative fence along Chancery Street to replace the current one.

Bobby Ray Elementary School’s renovation and addition will cost $2.89 million.

The Warren County School Board met Monday and approved a bid from FTM Contracting, located in Cookeville. Its base bid was $2.4 million.
Several alternate projects were included in the bid document. Members selected four of those and an electrical upgrade that was bid separately, bringing the total price up to $2.89 million.

Making the presentation was Upland Design Group architect Allen Hill, who had previously expressed concern for the bid coming in higher than expected.

“It was a good bid,” Hill said. “The contractor was contacted and confirmed they will honor their bid. We are making the recommendation to accept the low bid. We were very concerned about this bid. We were happy to get that number.”

Hill recommended members include the following alternates: Chancery Street access drive for $82,000; Building A elevator for $158,000, Building B modifications for $78,000; and replace fire doors in Building B for $30,000.

The school system designated $3 million to be spent on the Bobby Ray renovation. It has $6 million from Warren County government. The remaining $3 million is earmarked for West Elementary.

Hill recommended members reject one bid alternate as excessive, a canopy on the gymnasium for $50,000.

“Alternate No. 7 added a canopy to the back of the gymnasium,” said Hill. “This contractor’s price to do that work was $50,000. That was significantly higher than the other two bids. We know that is something that’s needed but this particular price didn’t seem to represent a good value. I did talk to the contractor and he said he received one price for that and he would be happy to look at some other suppliers as the project moves forward to see if they could obtain a better price for that. That just seems excessive for the amount of work.”

Sain Construction from Manchester and Romach Inc. from Franklin also submitted bids on the projects. Their base bid prices were around $3 million. However within one of those bids, said Hill, the canopy was priced at $21,000.

Hill also recommended they reject a bid of $66,000 for redesigning the existing loading dock to prevent trucks from blocking the Towles Avenue and a bid of $21,000 for a decorative, metal picket-style fence along Chancery Street.

School Board members accepted the bid price of $2.4 million, as well as the recommended alternate projects and electrical upgrade that brought the project to $2.89 million. Members expressed a desire to rebid the canopy and the Chancery Street fence.

The School Board’s decision will be presented to the county Financial Management Committee for consideration.