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Rutherford seeks alderman position
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I am David A. Rutherford and I am running for alderman in the McMinnville city election this November.  I am retired after working more than 35 years in state and regional planning, and city and county management in Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee. 

I served as city administrator for McMinnville from 2007 until 2013. I have lived on Westwood Drive since September 2007. After I left employment with the city of McMinnville, I did work out of town as city manager of Crossville until April of 2016. I have been watching the actions of the City Board. I feel I have something to offer this city and its citizens to help us move forward and achieve our potential.   

Some might remember that during my city service the local and national economy was hurting. The city was blessed to have elected officials who allowed me with my experience to recommend certain actions to address the various financial issues facing the city. 

The city had to implement several austerity measures to deal with those issues. Because of those measures, the city is now in great financial shape and can deal with the various issues facing the city, i.e.  Civic Center upgrade, indoor pool for citizens and swim team along with a therapy pool for seniors, a new police station and other programs.

McMinnville can have a great future, but it must include everyone: youth, millennials, baby boomers, and senior citizens. There will be vast opportunities to be considered by the next mayor and Board of Aldermen. I want to work with the board as a team for the good of the city. This will be difficult, but not impossible, because the city currently lacks a defined and community-accepted vision. The vision of a select few elected officials will not be successful for the city.

The most successful cities/ communities are the ones that include ideas from everyone as the plans for the future are developed and implemented. It is important to be inclusive when planning a community’s future. Everyone’s opinion does matter. I have experience in helping communities through the planning process to prepare and be ready for the future. Elected officials need to engage citizens in preparing plans and programs for the future so the entire community will be on board.

The city needs a future development strategy that incorporates the visions of citizens and not just a few elected officials.

Having an inclusive, written and adopted strategy lets citizens know what the plans for the future are and allows investors in our city to better understand the overall city vision and strategy for reaching it.

I am asking for your vote so I can give the city the benefit of my vast work experience. Together, let’s move our city forward so everyone will benefit from implementation of the current and future programs and plans. Thank you for your vote and support.