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Rock Island woman finds home cleaned out
Lady cleaned out - Janel Tedesco.jpg

When Rock Island resident Janel Tedesco went to the doctor on Tuesday, she never imagined her home would be cleaned out when she returned.

“They took everything,” said Tedesco, 70. “They took my food, took my medicine, and even took my toilet paper.”

Tedesco says it truly is a case of no good deed goes unpunished. She said she was trying to help a single mother with two children and had told the woman she could come to her house to get a meal for her kids.

“I figured they needed it and I could help,” said Tedesco.

She didn’t expect her stereo, several antiques, her medication, and nearly all the food in her home to be gone when she returned.

“I was at the doctor in Murfreesboro so I was gone a long time and she knew that,” said Tedesco, who has turned the case over to the Warren County Sheriff’s Department. “I know who took all of this and I’ve given them that information. What I need is some help. I’m a very sick woman and I take a lot of medicine. I take 10 medicines a day. I don’t have the money to buy any more medicine right now.”

To add to her woes, Tedesco says her home was trashed during the theft. In her condition, she says she’s not capable of cleaning up the mess.

Tedesco says she wants to prosecute. Most of all, she wants her antiques and her medicine returned.

For anyone who would like to contact Tedesco, she can be reached at (931) 304-6744.