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Roberts proposes Park price hike

Park Theater concerts could become a bit more costly, at least to private promoters. 

McMinnville officials are set to consider a measure Tuesday night at 6:45 p.m. that would increase the fee charged to for-profit concerts. At this time, the cost is $550 for weekdays and $800 for weekends. Suggested is an increase of $200, bringing those prices to $750 and $1,000. 

The city’s Parks and Recreation Committee will consider the suggestion made by Park Theater manager Kevin Roberts. 

“This year we are starting to receive a number of requests to rent the Park Theater for concerts from private promoters – seven to date for 2020,” said Roberts. “I believe the amount of concert rentals will continue to grow as word gets out from promoters’ past rental experiences here. I am currently talking to one promoter from out of the county who states that he would like to do four concerts per year and have had discussions with several other promoters as well.” 

No other changes were proposed. Everything else – security deposit, liability insurance requirement naming the city as additional insured, discounts for multiple rentals, ability to add on extras like ticket services, etc. – would remain the same. 

An increase to for-profit concerts is the only fee being considered at this time.