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Riverview view loses appeal
Riverview Terrace view1.jpg
Residents of Riverview Terrace no longer have a view of the river. Overgrowth has created a natural barrier between the assisted living facility and the Barren Fork River.

The residents of Riverview Terrace have lost a visual amenity and they’d like it back. 

“It’s been probably about five years since our residents have been able to see the river from the patio area,” said Linda Greene, lifestyle coordinator for Riverview Terrace. “They love the patio. It provides them an outdoor space where they can sit, relax and socialize with one another.”

While Riverview Terrace offers a wide variety of programs for its residents, that outdoor space used to add the peaceful sights and sounds of the Barren Fork River. Residents could also people-watch, given that the greenway lies between the facility and river. 

“The only view they have right now is weeds and overgrown vegetation,” said Greene. “It would mean so much to the residents if they could sit out here and watch for ducks or geese on the river, boats with people fishing, kayakers, and families walking the greenway. If they could see the river just a little bit, it would mean the world to them.”

Those thoughts were on Greene’s mind when Joseph Stotts called asking if residents needed anything, due to the facility being closed to visitors because of COVID-19. 

“Joseph has been wonderful,” said Greene. “He’s always volunteering to help do whatever he can to benefit our residents. When I told him about the view and how much it would mean for them to have that back, he didn’t hesitate.”

Stotts and other volunteers will begin to chip away at the overgrowth this Friday, Aug. 7.

“Being able to view the beautiful world that surrounds us is especially important right now during this pandemic,” said Stotts. “It heals the mind and brings feelings of hope, especially for those who are sick and shut-in. There is nothing that has more healing ability than being able to view what God has created for us all.” 

At this time, five people have volunteered to help. 

“The plan is to arrive at 7 a.m. on Friday morning,” said Stotts. “I’d say we will be going strong by 7:30. Not sure yet how many people will be there. I would guesstimate me and five others.” 

People with a desire to help may call 931-409-0444. Riverview Terrace is located at 630 Riverview Terrance.