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Retired teachers could return, bill says
Edu Bill Reemployed Retirees.jpg
Commissioner Carlene Brown tells the Warren County Commission about the new education bill at the meeting Monday night. - photo by Bethany Porter

A new bill would allow retired K-12 teachers and bus drivers to come back to work without losing their retirement benefits.

Commissioner Carlene Brown informed the full court about this bill at Monday night’s Warren County Commission meeting. She says this bill will help with the shortage of teachers and bus drivers school systems are facing. 

“There is one particular one that I really wish you would address and learn a little bit more about, but it is moving very quickly. That is House Bill 2783. It basically says that school teachers and bus drivers who have retired can come back to the workplace without affecting their pension or retirement. This is really big because that means they can come out of retirement and that is going to help address two shortfalls that we have and that is school teachers and bus drivers,” said Brown.

The bill reads, “Under this bill, a retired member of the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS) or of a superseded system, or of a local retirement fund may be reemployed in a position covered by the retirement system without the loss or suspension of the retired member’s TCRS benefits, if the following conditions are met.”

The conditions listed are: the retired member is reemployed as a K-12 teacher, substitute, or bus driver, the retired member is not reemployed until the expiration of at least 60 calendar days from the member’s effective date of retirement, during the reemployment the retirement benefit payable to the retired member must be reduced to 70% of the retirement allowance the member would have otherwise been entitled to receive, the retired member’s reemployment cannot exceed one year. However, the retired member may be reemployed for additional one-year periods. 

The retired member is not eligible to accrue additional retirement benefits as a result of reemployment. 

Brown says this bill is receiving a lot of positive feedback and is moving quickly.

“It has been through many committees already and is receiving lots of favor. Actually on the 14th when it went it had 92 yes votes and zero nos. A couple more amendments have been added to it, but it looks like it is going to pass. It goes through 2027 so hopefully that is going to be a source for teachers and bus drivers to come back into the school system,” said Brown.