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Residents turn to prayer
First Baptist Church preacher Jeff Owens prays for the men and women protecting our country, hoping there will never be a day when people are unwilling to serve.

A little rain didn’t dampen the spirits of more than 100 people who united at the Farmers Market at noon to observe the National Day of Prayer, marking one of the largest crowds ever to attend the event.
“The National Day of Prayer is a vital part of our heritage,” said Jeff Page of McMinnville Church of God, noting the first call to prayer for the nation happened in 1775 when the Continental Congress was called to pray for wisdom in forming a nation.
Jeff Owens of First Baptist Church asked for protection for the military and first-responders. He pointed out 135 law enforcement officers fell in the line of duty last year.
“God help us if we ever get to a day when men and women no longer feel it’s (working in law enforcement) not worth it,” Owens said.
Tommy Vann of First United Methodist Church prayed for the media and business.
“As these steeples all across our town pierce the floor of heaven, we pray that our prayers would rise to you and that your grace may rain down on us,” Vann prayed. “We are all little Christs working in the world to effect change that is good.”
Harry Green of First Presbyterian Church prayed for churches and families.
“We know that marriage is under attack and over half of the marriages we perform will end in divorce,” Green said, noting that churches need to support marriage and help encourage those who may be having marital trouble.
He also said parents have responsibility toward their children and children should honor their parents.
“Sometimes it’s easier to tell people what to do than to show them,” Green said. “We need to be reminded that there are eyes watching us as parents so we need to do what is right, not just talk about it.”

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