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Renowned lawyer, former lawmaker dies at age 78
Larry Stanley for FRONT.png

Prominent local attorney and former state representative Larry Barton Stanley died Thursday after an extended illness. He was 78.

For decades, Mr. Stanley served as legal counsel for Warren County government. In this role as county attorney, he served alongside six county executives.

"His leadership and knowledge were a huge asset," said Kenneth Rogers, who worked with Stanley as county executive and as a county commissioner. "He was there when I started with the county court and he was there when I left." 

Mr. Stanley was known for his captivating stories and amusing jokes. He enjoyed spending time at a spot called the Library where he’d watch sports with friends.

Local attorney Scott Horton said Stanley was one of the few remaining senior members of the local bar association and part of a group of old-school attorneys that included Chuck Haston, Michael Galligan and the late James Dempster.

"He was a great storyteller and a fun guy to be around," said Horton.

In 1964, while still in law school, Mr. Stanley was elected as a Tennessee State Representative for Warren and Van Buren counties. He served until 1970.

Mr. Stanley is survived by his wife of 52 years, Diane. Complete obituary information is on 2A.