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Recycling up in June
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Josh Robert

Warren County Sanitation Department has, after more than a year, been able to make use of WastAway’s services.

The Health and Welfare Committee met Tuesday to review June’s reports from the Sanitation Department, where department director Josh Roberts announced they had been allowed to bring 3 loads to WastAway totaling 26.22 tons. For these hauls, the Sanitation Department paid a tipping fee of $1,189.

“There was a time when WastAway would take up to 80% of our hauls,” said Roberts. “For the year 2020, we had no hauls to WastAway and 102.62 tons worth in 2019.”

WastAway is a privately owned business that takes household garbage and repurposes it in various ways to save it from being dumped in a landfill.

The percentage of recycling for the month of June was 20%, a 5% increase from May.

“We haven’t been able to do any WastAway hauls in a very long time. We are thankful to get that,” said Roberts. “It really helped our recycled rate because all that trash was recycled.”

Other numbers included in Roberts’ report for June include:

A total of 875.89 tons across 135 loads were hauled to Southern Central for a collective tipping fee of $39,832.

One load of newsprint totaling 3.46 tons resulted in a tipping fee of $156.

Eight loads of cardboard totaling 39.12 tons netted $1,173.

Twenty loads of metal totaling 35.11 tons to Southern Central Iron & Metal LLC netted $5,617.

Three loads of aluminum cans totaling in .68 tons netted $748.

Three used batteries were collected for $22.

Also collected by the Sanitation Department were 3,026 passenger tires, 345 semi-truck tires, 2 tons and 500 gallons of used oil, 2 tons of electronics, and 3 tons of plastic.

Money coming back to the county totaled $7,562.

Among other business discussed, a 1998 model roll-off truck from the Sanitation Department’s fleet was retired after being determined as unsafe to be driven due to expensive repairs needed. This truck is slated to be parted out alongside another roll-off truck that was removed from use prior for similar reasons.