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Push to oust Martin stalls
Effort dies due to lack of a second
Commissioner Michael Martin will remain as chairman of the county Health and Welfare Committee.

Commissioner Michael Martin will remain as chairman of the county Health and Welfare Committee.
A resolution before the full Warren County Commission on Monday night to remove Martin and replace him with a senior member of the committee failed due to lack of a second. Motions to approve a measure must receive a second from another commission member prior to a vote. When no second came from the other 22 members in attendance, the measure failed due to lack of a second.
The resolution to remove Martin was presented by Commissioner Michael Shane Wilcher from a Facebook petition calling for the removal of Martin as chairman. The request has more than 1,000 signatures from individuals concerned Martin’s opinion regarding animals at Warren County Animal Control are not in line with rescue and adoption.
Wilcher said he’s content he did his job in doing what constituents requested, which was asking for Martin’s removal, and happy his resolution to allow time for public comment during monthly commission meetings passed.
“Tonight, I did exactly what 1,000 plus people told me to do,” said Commissioner Michael Shane Wilcher. “No other commissioner could say that. I did my job and I feel great about the name change resolution passing as well as getting my first resolution of my 19 months in office passed. It was as important as any other I have seen because it gives the people a chance to speak, if they will jump through our hoops.”
Martin came under public scrutiny after a Feb. 8 committee meeting in which he voiced his opinion that the business of Animal Control is not rescue or adoption and his belief the facility’s name should not be changed to Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center.