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Proposed bill would allow elections for school superintendents
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State Rep. Paul Sherrell says a bill he is sponsoring would give school districts the option to elect their school superintendent, but it wouldn’t make it a requirement.

“I’ve had a lot of people who have contacted me about electing their superintendent of schools,” said Sherrell. “If Warren County wants to keep on appointing their director of schools, that’s fine. Warren County can continue to do that. But for counties that want to elect their superintendent, they’ve lost the freedom to do that. I’m trying to give each county the opportunity to do what they want to do.”

Sherrell pointed to the director of schools situation in Grundy County as an example. According to Sherrell, the current director of schools in Grundy County lives in Memphis and goes home every weekend.

Sherrell says he’s been contacted by residents of Grundy County who do not like this arrangement. Sherrell represents Warren County, Grundy County and White County in the 43rd District.

“Let’s give counties the freedom to do what they want,” said Sherrell, who described the situation with the Grundy County School Board as being “a mess.”

The bill is expected to be assigned a number this week, according to Sherrell, and will have to make its way through the Tennessee General Assembly.