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Property tax hike could be 38 cents
property tax

The Warren County Commission failed to pass a $30 wheel tax increase Monday so it’s back to the drawing board on how to generate additional revenue. The alternative could be a 38-cent property tax increase.

The county Budget and Finance Committee will meet this Tuesday, June 25, at 6:30 p.m. Among other business, members will be seeking additional cuts to previously approved budgets, considering countywide raises, examining estimated revenue, and making a recommendation for a property tax rate for fiscal year 2019-20.

Committee members were seeking to generate $1.1 million annually for the next 20 years with the wheel tax increase, in addition to a 21.7 cent property tax increase to generate $1.43 million – a combined $2.53 million. That would have been used for the financial needs of Warren County Schools and the county General Fund. 

A $30 wheel tax increase is equivalent to a 16.5-cent property tax increase. Without additional cuts to the budgets or other revenue sources, the proposed property tax increase could be 38.2 cents. 

Members have yet to consider across-the-board raises for county employees, excluding those previously approved for an annual salary adjustment. 

According to the county Finance Department, the following raises are included in the proposed budgets for 2019-20:

Codes director: an $11,959 increase, bringing him up to $48,300.

Animal Control director: A $10,000 increase, bringing the next one up to $40,000

Maintenance supervisor: A $8,296 increase, upping him to $50,000

General Sessions secretary: A $2,121 increase, bringing her up to $41,000

Juvenile Court youth service officer: A $4,070 increase, bringing her up to $40,000

County Executive’s secretary: A $4,000 increase, bringing her to $42,500

Also approved within the upcoming budget are two new hires: $32,000 to hire a second full-time person for maintenance of county buildings and $22,295 to hire a part-time person for Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center.

Budget and Finance Committee members did remove a $17,500 salary increase for the county’s Finance Department director. The increase would have upped his salary from $62,500 to $80,000. County Executive Jimmy Haley objected to removing the pay increase. 

The above information does not include a proposed $1,000 salary increase for teachers suggested by Warren County Schools for the upcoming year. 

The Budget and Finance Committee is scheduled to meet in the Early Voting Room at Warren County Administrative Offices on Locust Street.