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Pregnant woman nurtures trouble
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A mother-to-be faces felony charges after she reportedly ran over her boyfriend’s foot with her car following an argument.
The pregnant woman, Traci L. Bailey, 24, is charged with felony domestic assault and leaving the scene of an accident with injury. Her boyfriend, and the victim in the case, Daniel Adams, was treated for his injuries at Saint Thomas River Park Hospital.
Adams' foot was allegedly run over following a domestic dispute that turned physical outside their apartment.
“Mr. Adams said they had been arguing and that she hit him in the back with a broom handle,” said McMinnville police officer Katelyn Neal, noting the woman told him to leave so they could cool off.
When he did return, the victim said he was again assaulted. “He said when he came back that they argued again and she hit him in the eye with a plastic toy, twice.”
A short time later, Adams said he saw her carrying things to her car. “He said he tried to help her because she was pregnant,” Neal said. “She told him to get out of her car.”
Already allegedly assaulted twice, Adams reportedly did as he was told and got out of the car. However, he didn’t get far enough away.
“He said he got out and leaned up against the vehicle and she took off, running over his right foot and leg,” Neal said.
The officer said Adams’ story was bolstered by his having a black eye, a welt on his back and injuries to his right leg.