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Police seek tips to solve murder
Former Marine found Monday
Cole was found in his home directly across from Super Rama.

Police are asking for the public’s help in solving the murder of Barry Cole whose body was found Monday afternoon inside his small home at the edge of downtown McMinnville.
“Our officers have been canvassing the neighborhood and speaking with people who may have seen something but presently there has been no big break in the case,” said McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton concerning the ongoing investigation into Cole’s mysterious death. “Anyone who may have seen anything suspicious over the weekend and into Monday around that area we need them to come forward.”
Cole, 55, a former Marine, was found in his home directly across from Super Rama and near Hardee’s. Police and TBI agents are remaining tight lipped about the way he was killed, the exact time of death, and the potential motive. They have also not released the findings of an autopsy conducted on the victim. Denton said their secrecy is for good reason.
“With a major criminal investigation like this, you have to be careful what details are known by the general public,” the chief said. “Letting those details get out may cause a situation that could damage any criminal case down the road.”
In explaining the reason for secrecy concerning the specifics of the homicide, the chief warned Warren countians not to get their news from Facebook as there are several false rumors about the murder being propagated.
“There is a lot of unsubstantiated information flying around out there on social media,” Denton said. “This puts a lot of people in fear when there is no reason. It seems like these rumors take on a life of their own.”
Anyone with information should contact detective Todd Rowland at 473-3386 or by calling 911 if the information is time sensitive.