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Pedi-Sleeves make juvenile dosing easier
Pedi-Sleeves purchased for Warren County EMS alleviate guesswork when it comes to giving medication to children.

Warren County EMS will be given eight award-winning pediatric dosing systems.
“The Healthcare Coalition is purchasing us some pediatric equipment,” said EMS director Preston Denney. “They are called Pedi-Sleeves and they’re $125 each. They purchased us eight, one for every ambulance.”
Pedi-Sleeves offer safe pediatric dosing for emergency situations. It’s a length-based dosing system that eliminates drug calculations for the paramedic.
“It’s a kit that we would use on the ambulance to treat pediatrics,” said Denney. “The sleeves are color coated. There are nine colors. It comes with a tape measure. Basically, you put the child on your stretcher and you lay the tape down and you measure. If they measure a pink, then that’s the color sleeve you use. You slide it on your forearm. It tells you every medication we carry and what dosage that child would get depending on their medical situation.”
Pediatric critical care situations are extremely stressful. The Pedi-Sleeve alleviates some of this stress by putting all the resuscitation information you need to save that life in a convenient, easy-to-read format on the sleeve including dosages in milliliters combined with hands-free accessibility.
Previously, Warren County EMS used a child’s weight to calculate medication doses. The sleeve will remove the need to calculate. Also, the sleeves are customizable and will contain only the medications currently used by Warren County EMS paramedics.