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Parking times downtown may get shorter
City officials are scheduled to decide Tuesday whether to reduce downtown parking from two hours to one.

One hour or two?
The McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen will be meeting Tuesday night at 7 p.m. to discuss reducing the parking times on Main Street.
The recommendation to decrease the length of time visitors are allowed to park came from city Safety Committee members Ryle Chastain and Everett Brock.
Chastain said the idea was recommended by downtown business owners as a way to improve parking conditions if the city moves forward with relocating the Driver Testing Center into City Hall.
“I’ve received seven or eight emails from people downtown requesting we consider it,” said Chastain. “I guess we need to see what we do about the Driver Testing Center because that’s where the concern is.”
Brock heard similar comments.
“I’ve been talking to people downtown and the one thing that gets repeated to me is changing to one-hour parking. It’s been repeated to me I don’t know how many times that the people who are using it for an hour or two are actually getting three to four hours depending on when the girl chalks your tires. Those people can go over and park in the back lots and leave those spaces for people who are just running in to pay a water bill or whatever. Both banks told me they thought that would be a good idea, plus a couple of the retail businesses.”
The revelation has resulted in McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton making a change in the department’s presence downtown by increasing enforcement and having the officer daily and regularly patrol the street. Before, the officer had other duties that limited her time.
Committee members decided to send the measure to the full board for its consideration.