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Parking lot CD sales create concern
A representative with Mikel Knight music gets the attention of a passing motorist Tuesday in the Lowe's parking lot in hopes of making a CD sale.

Aggressive sales representatives selling CDs for Mikel Knight weren't music to the ears of a number of local residents Tuesday, but Police Chief Bryan Denton said the group is doing nothing wrong.
"They were in the Walmart parking lot Tuesday morning and Walmart didn't want them there so we had one of our officers ask them to leave," said Denton. "We told them they needed to get a solicitor's license from City Hall so they went up and got one. If people have a problem with them being here, my advice is to not give them any money. If they don't get any money, they will leave."
The organization has gotten a bad name on social media sites, but is a legitimate business and is working to support charities, a local representative said yesterday.
"We've sold 2 million records in 38 months," said the representative who declined to give his name. "And we give to a number of charities like Safe Haven, A Cut Above, and the Wounded and Fallen Officer Program."
Mikel Knight offers a brand of country-rap music. The representative said the artist has an upcoming tour called "Set the Record Straight," named because of all the inaccurate information on social media.