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Park Theater seeking sound system upgrade
Eller, Mandy.jpg

It’s action time for a grant to improve the acoustics at Park Theater. 

The city’s Tourism Development Board unanimously approved an allocation of $7,500 as a match for a Tourism Enhancement Grant, and the city of McMinnville approved the application. 

“City officials approved the application,” said Tourism Development Board administrator Mandy Eller. “The grant is for $75,000 to upgrade the sound equipment at Park Theater for productions. Right now, we are in the application process. We won’t know until the announcement is made if we will receive the grant, but we are really hopeful.”

If awarded, under consideration is improving the acoustics of the theater by placing sound absorption items to trap the noise and prevent it from bouncing and creating echoes. This would include installing items such as acoustical ceiling tiles, hanging baffles, acoustic partitions, and acoustic foam.

“Do you know those big, heavy curtains that you see in some performance halls or music venues? That’s the type of thing that it needs on some of the walls,” said McMinnville Mayor Ben Newman during the last meeting in which the grant was discussed. “All the reverb where sound bounces around won’t happen as much. It will help with the sound quality.”

The grant was presented to the city of McMinnville by Eller due to a grant stipulation that requires the property owner to be the one who applies for the grant. In the case of Park Theater, that would be the city.

With the city’s approval for the grant application and Tourism Development Board’s approval to allocate $7,500 for the match, all systems are go for the grant to be accepted, if awarded.