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Pack charged for breaking in house
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A man faces burglary charges after he broke into someone’s house for a drink of water while looking for his dog.The man, Darrell Len Pack, 56, has been bound to the grand jury on the charge of felony burglary.Deputies were summoned to a residence on Bluff Springs Road by a woman who stated she awoke to a strange man in her home.“She woke up and a strange man was standing in her bedroom,” said deputy Zach Morrison of the women’s recollection. “She got up and pushed the man outside her room and locked the door and then called 911.”The woman pointed out her children were in another room and the man tried to force open her door and then went outside when he was unable to make entry.The deputy said he found Pack upon arriving at the home and the suspect provided him with his version of events.“He said he was out looking for his dog and stopped at the residence because it was his ex-wife’s house and he wanted a drink of water,” said Morrison, noting the woman told him Pack was a strange man and she did not report to be his ex-wife.Pack entered the house through an unlocked back door and the deputy was able to observe his shoe tracks in the grass in the morning dew leading up to the back porch.