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Overlooked detail adds more cost to Civic Center
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How many mistakes are permitted before someone fouls out in regard to McMinnville Civic Center renovation?

The city’s Civic Center Ad Hoc Committee continues to consider change order requests from Sain Construction Company. A list of four issues requiring revisions were presented by project manager Mike Brewer. One of those was changing six stationary basketball goals with retractable ones at a cost of $24,177.

‘Everyone, including HFR, expected retractable hoops, but it was overlooked,” said city administrator Nolan Ming.

City attorney Tim Pirtle asked, “Why do you say expected?”

“It was overlooked,” said Ming.

Pirtle said, “I would suggest a change order directive. That’s not on us.” 

Time is an issue. 

Brewer says the retractable goals will take four weeks for delivery from the time the order is placed and until they are received and installed, no additional work can be performed in the gymnasium. 

“We can’t do anything for 28 days,” said Brewer. “This may not cause a delay, if you can approve this tonight and I get the change order from HFR.”

The committee’s approval limit is $10,000. McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen approval would be required at $24,177.

Because heavy equipment must be used to install the goals, those must be placed before the new gym floors are laid into place to prevent possible damage. Brewer offered to place the floors first, if the city assumes responsibility for any damage done during installation of the goals. The offer was verbally rejected.

“Time is crucial,” said Pirtle. “To stay in compliance and keep it under $10,000, break it into three pieces, approve it and get it going.”

Brewer replied, “We could break it down to $8,059 per court.” 

Committee members approved the change order request to replace the six stationary basketball goals with retractable ones. The cost will be broken down into three projects at $8,059. 

“If it comes down to it and you find out the goals are not going to come in on time, let us know,” said Mayor Ben Newman. “If you aren’t going to be able to get them in from any different vendor on time and you need to get that floor laid, come back to us and ask us. I don’t want the goals to hold up the whole project. We could put plywood down or rubber mats down, something.” 

Ad Hoc Committee also approved: 

• $1,178 to add sheet rock and additional framing to the pump room, as well as a fire-rated door to a closet on the second floor. Brewer stated, “This is just something the fire marshal caught and said had to be done.”

• $1,729 to add a GFI plug to the second floor breakroom specifically for the microwave and add a type K LED light for cove at the front reception desk. A cove was in the original plans, but lighting was not. Brewer says lighting the cove was not included, “If you’re going to have a light cove, you should have light in it.” 

The fourth approved change order corrected a previously discussed issue: $4,493 to add a double door into the second floor tennis courts. None of the single doors were wide enough for a forklift to fit through and one would be needed to reach the room’s 36-foot-tall ceilings to change light bulbs. 

City officials have had to address numerous snags with its $10 million project.