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Northcutt has eyes on stardom
Jaden Northcutt.jpg
Photo provided Jaden Northcutt gets her first taste of fame walking into iPOP! where she had a chance to make an impression on over 100 agents, casting directors and managers. Jaden has been working with NYLA Talent to get the opportunity to fulfill her dreams of acting.

A McMinnville native seeks the Hollywood dream.

Jaden Northcutt has taken major steps toward her goal of being a movie star. The seventeen-year-old found her passion for performance while acting in a school play in middle school. “It all started in the seventh grade at Centertown Elementary when I was on stage,” she told the Standard.

Jaden realized she had a knack for acting and has decided to pursue that career. “Looking back to that day, the feeling I had on stage pushes me onward.” Jaden recently had the opportunity to work with NYLA Talent, a network in Anaheim, California. The talent agency helps young hopefuls land television roles, commercials, movie roles and magazine spreads in New York City and Los Angeles.

Jaden said, “After signing with them, I was doing online classes and then I got an opportunity to go to LA for a competition to get an agent.” NYLA Talent is an independent organization affiliated with iPOP! (International Presentation of Performers), which is a scouting and auditioning event in LA. 

iPOP! is held biannually in January and July, and this is where Jaden got to showcase her talents. “There were other actors and models of all ages,” Jaden said, “I was performing in front of 100 or 200 agencies and managers.” It’s a massive event for record labels, magazine editors, casting directors and agents to witness the hopefuls and look to sign them.

It may sound intimidating to some, but Jaden is excited about her chances as she has already received a few calls. “After the week I went to LA, I got four callbacks for acting, modeling, voiceovers. I’m still getting contracts and thinking about signing with them.”

Jaden said she doesn’t know when she will make the big move to Hollywood, but she is excited for the opportunity. Commercials are often the start for most actors, but don’t be surprised if you see this Warren County native on the big screen.