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Northcutt busted for burglary
John Northcutt.jpg

A rash of vehicle burglaries in the city of McMinnville has been solved almost as quickly as it began. 

McMinnville Police detective Nicole Mosley says six vehicle burglaries were reported from Oct. 25-29 and those crimes were reportedly solved Tuesday morning with the arrest of John Northcutt, 24, who she said confessed.

“We received the first report on Friday,” said Mosley. “A vehicle at D’Ville Apartments was burglarized and a stereo stolen. We took five reports over a 24-hour period, with the last being Monday evening. That vehicle was parked at Magness Library.”

The four vehicles in between were at residences in the area of Duck Hawk Drive, where the accused man lives and was observed rummaging through another vehicle early Tuesday morning. 

“We received a call at about 5:30 this morning from a resident of Duck Hawk Drive about a male looking through her vehicle,” said Mosley. “An officer was dispatched and the man was located. He had items on him and fit the description given the evening prior from the library burglary.”

Mosley said Northcutt was interviewed and confessed to all six vehicle burglaries and will be questioned about others. 

“We are looking at him for other vehicle burglaries. We have at least one that we suspect he was involved in, because it occurred in the area of downtown, but there may be more.”

The department is urging residents to protect themselves and their valuables against crimes of opportunity by locking vehicle doors and closing windows, using closed compartments for personal items, and never just covering items with a blanket or jacket.