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Nick now targeting deer for 'Wild Ride'
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After failing to hunt doves and turkeys, TV show host Nick Hoffman will try for a deer hunt in Warren County.

Hunting in Warren County continues to be problematic for filming “Nick’s Wild Ride.”

Show host Nick Hoffman is 0-for-2 in efforts to film a hunt in Warren County. 

In 2020, doves were scheduled to be featured, but the birds were a no-show. A turkey hunt, with possibly some musky fishing, was scheduled for the weekend of March 26 of this year. A torrential downpour was all that would have been captured on that weekend.

Tourism Development Board members contracted with the producers of “Nick’s Wild Ride” in early 2020 to feature Warren County in an episode. Nick Hoffman’s travel and adventure show features hunting as well as interesting places, compelling people, vibrant cultures and good food.

“I spoke with him,” said Tourism Development Board member Christy Ross, whose tone of amazement brought laughter from other board members. “He’s the hardest catch ever. He is so busy, so, so busy. As we know the whole premise of the show is an outdoor theme. Well, if the animals won’t work with you and the weather isn’t working with you, then that will throw you off.”

Maybe Mother Nature and Tennessee’s deer population will be more accommodating in the fall. 

“He’s now looking at a fall deer hunt,” said Ross. “He talked about a velvet hunt. He said of all the things he’s done, and he’s lived in Tennessee forever, he’s never been on a deer hunt in Tennessee. So, we are working toward that in the fall.”

While actual filming days will not be disclosed, Tennessee’s deer hunting season opens in November.