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New walking trail opens at Morrison
Morrison Walking Trail2.jpg
Pictured, from left, Samantha Saldonna and Harmoni Kennerly smile midstride while taking a trial lap on the new paved walking trail at Morrison Elementary. - photo by Lacy Garrison

A new walking trail at Morrison Elementary School is now open. 

Around 65 students, staff and officials showed up to walk a few laps around the trail during the opening ceremony on Thursday evening. The paved, 1/4-mile concrete trail is conveniently located to the back of the school at 500 S. Fair Street in Morrison. 

Principal Kim Cantrell was excited about having an additional outlet for physical activity for students and staff. She shared her continued plans for improvement.

“I know that we are even going to expand this a little further,” said Cantrell. “We even talked about using some grants in the future to get some individual workout equipment similar to what you see around the Civic Center.” 

Director of Schools Bobby Cox explained that Morrison is just one project funded from an Access to Health grant of $80,000 from the U.S. Department of Health.

“We actually have one at Centertown and one at Eastside and we’re able to fund all those through that grant project,” explained Cox to the crowd. “We hope it will be good for the students here at Morrison – a good safe place inside the fence, which is a lot better place than dodging buses.” 

Many students were eager to test out the trail even in the hot summer sun, including first graders Willow Kennerly and Aleena Turner, who walked alongside one another.

“I like that it’s flat and smooth,” said Aleena. “I do like running better than walking though.”

Nodded Willow in agreement while shyly adding, “I like it too. It’s fun.”

According to director of Coordinated School Health Shannon Railling, Centertown, Morrison and Eastside schools were selected because outlying communities do not have enough access to walking trails. Although there are plenty of walking trails inside the city of McMinnville, people in the outlying communities would have to drive into town to use them.

At Morrison, the community is welcome to use the track from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. Just go through the main office and get a visitor badge before making your way to the trail.