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New home for police discussed
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Safety Committee chair Alderman Zach Sutton presented his “2022 Safety Committee Goals” regarding McMinnville Police Department and McMinnville Fire Department during a recent committee meeting.

“The police department has had three architectural plans drawn for three different locations over the past decade,” said Sutton, who doesn’t believe City Hall is a good fit for police headquarters. “City Hall HQ separates leadership from the officers and requires negotiation of three flights of stairs when there is an emergency.”

The city’s police precinct was housed at Red Road Business Park for 11 years. That arrangement, touted as a temporary one, began in November 2009 and continued until late 2020 when it was moved into City Hall.

Over that 11-year timeframe, officials discussed various options for permanent arrangements. Under consideration was construction of a new precinct overlooking Pepper Branch Park. Officials selected AEI Architects, Engineers and Planners to design the building plans. However, the pursuit was discontinued due to financial concerns.

For the Fire Department, Sutton set a goal to purchase a new firetruck in 2022.

“The ladder truck at Station 1 is 19 years old,” said Sutton, who pointed out that department also has a truck that’s 29 years old. “Engine 8 at Station 1 needs to be retired and sold. It is 29 years old and is in need of significant repairs for maintenance and safety issues. The repairs cannot be performed locally, requires shipment to Knoxville.”

The city could seek funding options, said Sutton, such as an Upper Cumberland Development District Block Grant. “A $400,000 UCDD Block Grant may be available in the fall of 2022,” he said.

Sutton also suggested reviews within both departments to determine policies, procedures and guidelines in conjunction with the fiscal budget and assure any associated training needs are met, as well as working with both departments to generate proposed budgets for fiscal year 2022-23.

Safety Committee members accepted the 2022 Safety Committee goals.