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New crosswalk could cost $260K
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A desire by McMinnville officials to protect pedestrians could cost up to $260,000.

TDOT has agreed to a request by the city to include a crosswalk in its project to redesign the intersection near Three Star Mall and extend Magness Drive to connect with Highway 70S. The crosswalk would be placed at that connection. 

“I asked for a meeting with TDOT because we felt like having a crossing at that new intersection of Magness and the bypass,” said city administrator Nolan Ming. “They are willing to do that. However, there could be a cost of about $260,000. When I say ‘could be’ the project is still fluid and they feel like some of the project may change and offset the cost. We may not have to pay anything, we may have to pay very little, or we may have to pay it all.” 

The project won’t be out for bids until the summer of 2021. However, TDOT estimates the intersection redesign will cost $5.76 million and places the cost of a crosswalk at $260,000. Project completion was estimated at 36 to 48 months. A crosswalk could add up to six months to that timeframe. 

The information was presented to McMinnville’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen. 

“We wouldn’t be responsible for that,” said Alderman Everett, of the cost.

Ming replied, “We would, if it ends up that it is an added cost and not offset by another portion of the project.” 

Written approval for the change to the project was requested from city officials, as well as Advanced Robotics Center executive director Larry Flatt.

“I think that crosswalk is something that we just have to have,” said Mayor Ben Newman, who asked if Motlow State Community College would consider paying half the cost due to its Advanced Robotics Center benefiting from the project. 

“I haven’t asked them, but I can,” said Ming. 

McMinnville Board of Mayor and Aldermen voted 6-1 to provide TDOT with its approval for adding a crosswalk at the intersection of Magness Drive and the bypass into its project to redesign the intersection. Alderman Mike Neal voted against it.