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New community planner from Colorado
Sean Garrett.jpg

McMinnville Community Development Department has welcomed a new community planner, Sean Garrett.

Garrett is out of Colorado. He was the planning director for Fremont County.

“I was looking for something different, something that would get me out of Colorado,” said Garrett. “I wanted a different climate. Colorado was facing water shortages. From a planning perspective, it’s nice to be somewhere that water shortages aren’t such a big issue. “

According to reports, Colorado has experienced three exceptional droughts in 20 years and the Colorado River watershed, which acts as the drinking and irrigation water supply, is drying up. The shortage of water would require allocation cuts in 2022, as Colorado River reservoirs are at 46% capacity. Community planners develop programs and plans for the utilization of land within their community. They are responsible for improving the community by achieving community goals such as the revitalization of infrastructure and physical facilities and accommodating population growth.

“We do have some family and friends who live in Tennessee and Kentucky,” said Garrett. “It will be nice to be closer to them. My wife will be relocating, but my children will not. They’re both graduated and plan to stick around there for a little while. Eventually, they may relocate as well.”

Garrett attended his first government meeting on Tuesday, May 31, a city Historic Zoning Commission meeting. He provided recommendations on three certificate of appropriateness (COA) applications regarding a rear door at Moore’s Office Supply, a sign at First United Methodist Church, and two signs at Three Sisters Candle Company. All COAs were approved by commission members.