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New aldermen welcomed
Steve Harvey elected as vice mayor unanimously
new aldermen.jpg
Photo provided Pictured is the new city Board of Mayor and Alderman. From left are Deitra Dunlap, Rachel Kirby, Vice Mayor Steve Harvey, Mayor Ryle Chastain, Sally Brock, Keri Morton and Stacey Harvey. Newly-elected Dunlap and Morton and re-elected Harvey were sworn in to their new positions on Tuesday and Steve Harvey was elected by the Board to be vice mayor.

The city of McMinnville bid farewell to two aldermen on Tuesday, and the departure of city recorder Shirley Durham was announced.

At the city Board of Mayor and Alderman meeting on Tuesday, before the adjournment sine die, Mayor Ryle Chastain announced that Dec. 16 would be Durham’s last day with the city.

“I think in this day and age, 34 years of service at any one place is quite an achievement, and I know that I will be grateful for all the service that she has provided to the city and helping me learn as an alderman and now as the mayor,” said Chastain. “I think her services and knowledge will be missed.”

The city recorder position will be posted internally for city employees before being posted externally, and the new Board will then decide who the new recorder will be.

Chastain moved on to adjournment sine die and added, “I think the same can be said about Mr. Brock (Everett Brock). He has served a number of terms and a number of years for this Board and has brought a lot of insight, especially from a financial standpoint.

“And Mr. Sutton (Zach Sutton) as well. He served two years as an appointee for a vacated seat and, again, brought insight from his end as well.” Chastain then adjourned the Board for the legislative term and Deitra Dunlap, Steve Harvey and Keri Morton were sworn in as the new aldermen.

The first order of business for the new Board was to elect a vice mayor. Chastain said, “I would ask the Board to entertain electing Steve Harvey as the next vice mayor of the city of McMinnville. Steve has served on the Board with me since 2014, has served in a number of capacities on a number of different committees as well as their chair and I think his services as a vice mayor would be valuable to this Board as well as the city of McMinnville.”

Sally Brock motioned to elect Steve Harvey as vice mayor, with a second from Rachel Kirby. The Board unanimously voted to approve the motion to elect.