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MYP partners with Special Games
MYP members Ashlee Armes, Autumn Malone, Daniel Owens and Dayron Deaton Owens sort breakfast items donated during a recent networking event at the new McMinnville Special Games Enrichment Center.

McMinnville Young Professionals was founded in 2017 and got off to a strong start, hosting many networking, professional development and outreach activities throughout the year. While the COVID pandemic caused some issues with participation and enthusiasm, it’s safe to say the organization is back in full swing and ready to continue its mission in the community. 

The group was started as a way for young professionals living and working in Warren County to network with each other, learn more about the town, take on and work toward local leadership positions and give back to the community. Their motto “Grow. Engage. Give Back.” speaks to those goals and the membership has certainly taken those words to heart over the years.

One of the major activities of the group has been to choose a non-profit organization each year to serve as their community outreach partner. Throughout the year, members participate in fundraisers, supply drives and also offer their time, talents and hands-on support to the organization. The Family Resource Center was chosen as the 2020 partner organization and, due to the pandemic,  continued in that role until July of this year.

“We had so much fun supporting the FRC over the past couple of years. The love they have for the students they help is so inspiring to me and to many in our organization. It was a really natural partnership during the pandemic and we appreciate Sharon Hargrove and Delia Walker for working with us and making our time working with them so enjoyable,” said MYP President Autumn Malone

With the community getting back to regular activities, earlier in the year MYP members nominated their favorite local non-profits to become the new outreach partner. After some deliberating and research by the board of directors, McMinnville Special Games was chosen for the 2022-2023 year. The opening of the new McMinnville Special Games Enrichment Center and the need for extra community support made this partnership even more serendipitous. 

“Even though we’ve been in operation for ten years, the opening of this enrichment center feels like a whole new start. We really appreciate all of the individuals and groups like you who have offered their support. We are so honored that we were chosen as the new outreach project for MYP,” said Special Games Director Holly McBride during a recent MYP Networking Social held at the Enrichment Center. 

During each MYP gathering, members are invited to bring supply and monetary donations for the outreach partner. Over the last month, they’ve been asked to bring breakfast items to help fill the center’s new food pantry that is open to the local families of individuals with special needs when needed. Next month’s request is SpaghettiOs, pasta noodles and sauce, Tuna Helper and other easy-to-prepare meal ingredients.

“Holly and all the other volunteers work so hard, almost too hard sometimes, so this partnership – and the donations and hands-on support  –  will really help us all to be a little less stretched in all directions,” said Special Games volunteer and MYP member Jason Walker, “I really can’t say enough good things about this organization and the good work they do for the special needs community in Warren County.”

Donations can be made to McMinnville Special Games at or in person at the McMinnville-Warren County Chamber of Commerce, care of MYP. 

Community members interested in learning more about or in joining MYP can visit or on social media @mcminnvilleyp.