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Myers honored as hero
Brad Myers Nominated as Beaty's Hero.jpg
Leela Beaty nominated SRO Brad Myers as her hero after he helped save her life after her car accident. - photo by Bethany Porter

Warren County High School SRO Brad Myers was nominated as high school junior Leela Beaty’s hero for saving her life when she had a devastating wreck in September. 

Beaty was on her way to school in September when she ran off the road and was impaled by a two-by-four from a fence. It broke her collarbone and cut an artery and vein in two. Minutes after the accident, Myers received the call from dispatch and was first on the scene to help her. 

Beaty wrote to News Channel 5 and nominated Myers as her hero to recognize him for saving her life. She got the idea to nominate him after previously seeing the segment on TV. 

“I saw a previous ‘My Hero’ segment and thought it was a perfect fit for him,” said Beaty.

In her letter she wrote, “At the time everything was a blur, so I didn’t recognize him. All I knew was the guy in the green shirt saved my life. After returning home from the hospital and meeting him I know he would not want the title of being a life saver or hero, but I believe such a kind and generous man deserves such recognition. I am writing this to you for two reasons. One being the fact this kind soul is one of the reasons I am here. Despite all the injuries I have, I am here and living life thanks to him. He deserves that recognition. The second reason being that lots of bad news is spread around the world. I feel this bad news creates a chain reaction and forces people to believe that goodness in humanity is gone. I want to share my story because it proves that theory wrong. There is good in this world and Officer Myers is living proof.”

She wanted to go out of her way to make sure Officer Myers was recognized because she said he did not have to do what he did, but he did it anyways. 

“I thought it was important because it’s not his job to do that so he went above and beyond just for me,” said Beaty. 

As for Beaty’s recovery, she says she is doing well. Her left arm is currently paralyzed, but she has an upcoming surgery that is aimed to improve that.

“I’m doing good. I have an MRI soon and a surgery in January to reconnect my nerves,” she said. 

 Beaty and her mother, Candace Seals, are thankful for all the love and support from the community following her accident. They are especially grateful to Officer Myers for showing up and going out of his way to help. Beaty will be reading her letter at the upcoming School Board Meeting and Officer Myers will be recognized again for his heroic actions.