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Myers beats rape charge, gets 8 years
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A McMinnville man avoided a rape conviction, but was given an eight-year prison sentence for hitting his estranged wife in the face and then having sex with her against her will.

John Dexter Myers, 25, was sentenced outside the normal sentencing range and given eight years for aggravated assault. He was originally charged with rape.

The incident which led to his arrest happened July 4, 2016 when Myers was staying at the home of his estranged wife. Myers had been staying with his parents but had reportedly been kicked out of their house, which is why he showed up on his estranged wife’s doorstep three days before the incident.

According to the warrant for Myers’ arrest, he and the victim were watching a movie in the living room when they began arguing about a text message he received. The victim noticed it was from a friend who was frequently in trouble and she told Myers he should not be around that person since Myers was on probation. As the argument intensified, she told Myers to leave the house.

“He pulls out his pocket knife and places it to his throat and states, ‘It will be your fault if I kill myself as you made me this way,’” the arrest warrant reads. “He then hits her on her left cheek with a closed fist and says, ‘You are going to pay for what you have done.’”

A struggle erupts and Myers was reportedly able to pull off the victim’s clothes and overpower her to the floor. She was fighting his advances and says at no point did she consent to have sex with him.

The arrest warrant says when Myers was finished, the victim was able to escape and run outside in the nude. She called 911. When she went back inside to get a blanket to cover herself, Myers reportedly begged for her silence.

“He begged her not to tell the police as he was sorry and he would do anything,” the warrant reads. “He told her to take a shower and calm down.”

The victim was standing in the front yard wrapped in a blanket when an officer arrived.

It’s not the first time Myers has been violent toward his wife and her family. A year earlier, Myers reportedly pointed a gun to the back of his sister-in-law’s head and threatened to “blow her away.” The incident happened when Myers’ estranged wife was trying to pick up her child from Myers with her sister present.

Myers didn’t get any jail time for that incident in July 2015.