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Mother who punched daughter charged with domestic assault
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A mother who allegedly slugged her daughter and then had to be tased by deputies when they tried to arrest her has been charged with domestic assault and resisting arrest.The mother, Dorothy L. Judkins, 47, has been bound to the grand after a preliminary hearing on the charges.Her daughter was found standing in the driveway when lawmen arrived, telling them she had been assaulted by her mother.“The minor child said her mother had hit her in the mouth, pulled her hair and dragged her down the hall to the door,” reported sheriff’s deputy Brystol Davis, noting the girl had a bloody mouth.When confronted about what had happened, Judkins reportedly told lawmen her daughter was yelling at her and she punched her in the mouth. The confession was enough for lawmen.“I told her she was under arrest,” the deputy said, noting the suspect tried to pull away from him and shut the door as he tried to place her in custody. “She pulled away and I was forced to tase her.”