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Mother, daughter arrested in stabbing
Misty Newby-1.png
Misty Newby
Kealey Newby-1.png
Kealey Newby

A mother and daughter have been charged in a stabbing incident that occurred Wednesday morning.

The mother, Misty Dawn Newby, 42, was charged with aggravated assault. The daughter, Kealey Breann Newby, 19, was charged with simple assault. The two were arrested after a verbal alternation turned physical with a third female, Selena McMillen.

McMillen told McMinnville Police officer Andy Aguilar she went to her boyfriend’s house on Hannah Street to pick up some belongings and a verbal argument quickly spiraled into more than words. 

“Ms. McMillen stated Misty Newby came at her and pulled her down by the hair,” said Aguilar. “Ms. McMillen then stated she was hit by a blunt object by Kealey, who was behind her, and believed she was cut while she was being held down.”

McMillen was “patched up” by her boyfriend’s mother and transported to the hospital by her father.

“A visual inspection of Ms. McMillen’s person revealed a large gash from a sharp object along her back alongside other multiple superficial cuts on her shirt,” Aguilar reported. “Ms. McMillen was unable to tell me what weapons were used during this altercation.”

Both mother and daughter were taken into custody a short time later – first Misty at the Hannah Street residence, followed by Kealey on Garth Circle.

While Kealey declined to be interviewed by officers, Misty did not. She pointed to McMillen as the aggressor.

“Misty Newby stated that a physical altercation did occur between her and Selena McMillen and that she grabbed her by the hair to avoid further conflict,” said Aguilar.

While she was not charged with providing false information to a law enforcement officer, Misty reportedly misdirected police when she was asked the whereabouts of her daughter. 

“Misty Newby stated she lied about the location of her daughter in order to protect her,” said Aguilar. 

Misty Newby’s bond was set at $5,000, while Kealy Newby’s bond is $2,500.