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Morrison convenience center fails inspection
Morrison Site Fails Inspection 2.jpg
TDEC inspections were last Thursday and Morrison was the only convenience center in the county to fail inspection. The county is trying to find a location to move both the Morrison and Smartt Station convenience centers and TDEC is allowing them to remain open until they find something. - photo by Bethany Porter

All 12 convenience centers in Warren County were inspected last week and all but one passed inspection. 

At the Tri County Railroad Association meeting last Thursday, County Executive Jimmy Haley told the other members how the TDEC inspections went. The railroad has an interest in the convenience centers because Morrison’s and Smartt Station’s centers are on railroad property and need to be relocated. 

“TDEC went to all of our convenience centers today. All of them were certified except for the Morrison one and we are on a reprieve as long as we have a plan in place to move they are not going to shut the site down or fine us for that. We are trying to do everything we can to contain it,” said Haley. 

Sanitation Department director Josh Roberts anticipated the Morrison convenience center failing inspection due to the leakage issue. They are unable to fix the problem on the site they are currently on and have been looking for a new location ever since the railroad said the sites needed to move. 

TDEC did offer suggestions for temporary fixes for the leakage until a new location is found and complimented the other sites. 

“They also suggested we put a cover over that one compact dumpster where the leakage is coming from so that might be a short term solution. We are going to do that and he suggested some other things and was very complimentary of how we kept our sites clean and how we mitigated everything the way we were supposed to in order to get the sites certified,” said Haley.

The Tri County Railroad Authority is going to allow the Morrison and Smartt Station centers to remain open until they can be relocated. Roberts credits the certifications to his employees who he says work tirelessly to keep things looking good.