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More grant money coming
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The Tennessee General Assembly ended it 2021 session on Wednesday. Among its actions before adjourning was an allocation of $645,198 in additional grant monies to four Warren County governments.

“It looks like we will receive $438,887 in additional governor’s grant money,” said County Executive Jimmy Haley. “It can be spent on one-time single expenditures. It cannot be used on recurring expenses like salaries. We still have more than $600,000, so we’ve got $1 million to do capital improvement items or purchase equipment that’s needed to maintain county operations.” 

The information was presented to members of the county Budget and Finance Committee. Member are currently reviewing proposed budgets for fiscal year 2021-22.

County government received $1.02 million in 2020 and has $649,536 remaining after approving several purchases/ projects. With the additional $438,887 in grant money, the county now has $1.08 million it can use on projects or purchases.

Allocations from the state were based on population. McMinnville government will receive $165,644, Morrison $22,899, and Centertown $17,768.

Gov. Bill Lee and the General Assembly developed the 2021-22 Local Government Grant program for Tennessee counties and cities/ towns in the recovery effort from the COVID-19 pandemic. Funding made available is one-time funding to be used on one-time expenses.