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Moore charged with punching mother
Rodney Preston Moore will appear for hearing Tuesday before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke.

A man faces felony charges after he slugged his own mother hard enough to send her to the hospital and then said “she deserved what she got.”
The son, Rodney Preston Moore, 22, will appear for hearing Tuesday before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke. He could face up to six years in prison if he is convicted on the charge of aggravated domestic assault.
Deputies arrived at his mother’s home on Hidden Valley Circle where he, his girlfriend and their two children were living with her.
“She had approached her son about being responsible and getting a job to help support his children,” deputy Derek Bowles said of her version of events, the mother noting she was having to support her son and his family since he would not maintain a job.
The mother said her son began getting in her face as she was giving him the life advice, getting to the point where she pushed him away.
“He suddenly hit his mother with his right closed fist,” said Bowles, noting the blow left a cut over her left eye.
Bowles said Moore fled the scene before he arrived. He said the swelling continued over the victim’s eye while he was talking to her.
“She passed out and fell to the floor,” Bowles said, noting one eye was constricted and the other dilated suggesting a severe head injury. “EMS stated she needed to be airlifted but due to the bad weather they could not.”
She was treated at Saint Thomas River Park Hospital. Meanwhile Moore returned to the scene but refused to get out of his car.
“After numerous attempts to get him to exit the vehicle I had to pepper spray him,” Bowles said, noting Moore began speaking with him as they were headed to jail a short time later. The deputy said Moore gave his version of events in one sentence.
“He stated that she started it and that she deserved what she got.” Bowles recalled of Moore’s side of the story.