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Is money waiting for you?
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Would you like to discover there are hundreds, or thousands, of dollars waiting to be claimed in your name?

That dream could be a reality thanks to the Tennessee Department of Treasury, which is working to alert Tennesseans there is $994 million in missing money that’s up for grabs right now.

Shelli King with the Department of Treasury told WSMV the department returned $32.9 million last fiscal year, a new record. The largest single amount ever returned to someone was $1.2 million with the average Tennessean getting back around $100. 

A search of McMinnville residents on Thursday found most people had about $50 to claim. The money may be extra funds from a utility company refund or from an insurance policy that has matured, to name two examples.

“After a certain number of years, businesses which have those unclaimed checks turn them over to the state of Tennessee and the Treasury Unclaimed Property Division works to turn them over to the rightful owners,” said King in an interview with WSMV.

An easy way to find if you are owed money is to visit the website Visitors can search their name by city.

“Check your name once a year. Check for common misspellings of you name because remember this is money that did not get to you the first time,” said King.