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Missing girl, 6, found in Kentucky
Girl found.jpg
Adoptive mother Liz Pease is pictured with Diamond Harrell, 6, and McMinnville detective Eddie Colwell.

A local 6-year-old girl who had been missing for six days was found in Kentucky and has been returned to Warren County.

According to McMinnville Police Department, Diamond Harrell, 6, was located last Saturday at a home in Madisonville, Ky. She was with her birth mother, Rachel Pack, who does not have custody rights. Pack was charged with custodial interference and could face additional charges.

The child was found Dec. 28 and had been missing since Dec. 22. Several Facebook pleas were issued asking for information pertaining to Diamond’s location.

According to McMinnville Police detective Eddie Colwell, he went knocking door to door to known associates of the family to obtain information about the child’s whereabouts. He was given a license plate number of a vehicle that may have been associated with the girl’s disappearance and he entered that information into the NCIC system. A hit came up for Madisonville, Ky.

Colwell said the unfortunate situation was created due to kindness from Diamond’s adoptive mother, Liz Pease.

“The adoptive mom was being nice and she was letting her biological mom see her,” said Colwell. “The adoptive mom allowed her to come around from time to time, but this was almost a worst-case scenario about what could happen.”

Colwell said Diamond was glad to be back home and reunited with her adoptive mom Saturday night. He said Pack remains in custody in Madisonville and she will be brought back to McMinnville to face her charge, which is a Class E felony.

“I really appreciate the help I received from the adoptive mom and from Penny Medley at the District Attorney’s Office,” said Colwell. “The adoptive mom was in Kentucky looking for the girl when I found her.”