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Misplaced Pug seeks his owner
Pugston is trying to find his home or he will be in need of one. He was found on Highway 8 in a ditch and is currently being cared for by Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center staff. His owner is urged to call 507-3647 or he will be placed for adoption.

Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center has a dog that probably strayed from its owners.
“He’s an older Pug and he’s a special needs dog,” said Kim Pettrey, facility director. “We’ve all fallen in love with him here. He’s so sweet.”
Pugston, as he was affectionately named by staff, was found in a ditch on Highway 8.
“It’s obvious he was cared for by someone,” said Brandi Bouldin, facility employee. “I’ve tried to find his owner but I’m not having any luck. Someone is missing this little guy.”
While Pugston has minimal distinguishing features from other Pugs, he does have one medical situation that is being kept under wraps as a way to determine his true owner, if need be.
“We’re hoping his owner calls up and he can go home,” said Bouldin. “We want to make sure he’s going with the right person.”
If the owner does not come for him, he will be placed up for adoption.
Pugston has been neutered. His adoption fee will be $10.
Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center is located at 169 Paws Trail. Serious inquires only may call 507-3647. A video of Pet of the Week will be available at
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