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Milner Recreation Center now '99.9999% complete'
Ming, Nolan, new mug 2019.jpg

Milner Recreation Center is .0001% away from completion. That was the measurement presented Tuesday to McMinnville officials.

City administrator Nolan Ming has been providing monthly updates to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen regarding the recreation center’s renovation and expansion project. His updates have been down to the exact percentages of work complete. 

Parks and Recreation Department director Scott McCord admittedly stole what will likely be the last update. 

“Just to steal a little thunder from Nolan, we are 99.9999% complete – four nines,” said McCord. 

The update brought laugher as have most of Ming’s percentages that have extended into two digits but not four. 

 “Stairwell emergency lighting,” said McCord, when questioned about the remaining .0001%. “It needs to be delivered and then installed. That includes running all new conduit and electric lines in each stairwell.” 

Conducted on Tuesday was an inspection to generate a construction punch list, which is a list of tasks that need to be fixed or completed before a construction project can be considered finished. 

“It seemed to go well,” said McCord, of the walk-thru. “They will be sending a report to the contractors of stuff that still needs to be done.”

No date was given for actual completion. What was estimated to be an 18-month project is roughly seven months behind schedule.