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Milner Recreation Center on budget
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McMinnville’s multi- million dollar project to renovate and expand its Recreation Center is right at budget. 

“We’ve done well,” said city administrator Nolan Ming. “I believe we will come in under budget.” 

Sain Construction Company’s original bid was $9.228 million. The city approved borrowing up to $10 million to cover both construction costs and architectural services by HFR Design. The current construction cost is $9.285 million, or $57,000 over the original bid amount. HFR Design’s fee is $153,495. 

“We are over budget, as far as the original bid amount is concerned, but not by much,” said Ming. “I believe we will come in under budget, if we’re successful in arbitration for the money spent in construction change directives.”

Built into the original bid was a $150,000 contingency fund, a reserve set aside to cover possible unforeseen expenses as the project progressed. As unexpected issues arise, change order requests are considered to be paid from the fund.

Ming says the city has approved approximately $125,000 in change order requests as directives, meaning the change needed to be made quickly but the city reserved the right to request those costs be reimbursed by the party at fault, either HFR Design or Sain Construc-tion Company, once the project is complete.

City officials have approved approximately $84,000 in change orders at the city’s expense since the project began. Included in that amount was inclusion of a second racquetball at a cost of $60,000. That item was added in July 2019.

The information was presented during an Ad Hoc Committee meeting to consider three additional change order requests. 

Change order request 74 was a request of $32,193 from Sain Construction to cover open concrete areas with Regupol Aktiv 10 percent, a rubber-like flooring. The concrete areas are located on the second floor and were part of the existing building. Covering those areas was not included in the project originally and will be an addition to the project.

“When you come up the staircases and you get to the top, you see all this beautiful new civic center,” said Alderman Rachel Kirby. “Then, you look down to walk and it’s the old concrete that’s uneven on the edges. It looks terrible in a lot of places.”

Ming says uncovered concrete from the old building is located in several random locations, a situation created when old meets new. 

Chance order request 76 was to add four plugs for projector screens at a cost of $1,156, and change order request 77 was for the purchase and placement of five signs in and on the elevator mechanical room at a cost of $1,141. 

Change order requests 74, 76 and 77 were all approved by Ad Hoc Committee members. Because the first was over the $10,000 approval limit of the committee, it will require consideration by the full Board of Mayor and Aldermen.