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Milner named Humanitarian of the Year
Noon Exchange - Humanitarian of the Year.jpg
Doug Milner is presented Humanitarian of the Year by Noon Exchange Club member Ashley Wright.

The members of Noon Exchange Club of McMinnville recently visited Dr Pepper Bottling Company for a tour of the distribution facility. 

In addition to the tour, which included lunch, the club surprised Dr Pepper president and general manager Doug Milner with its 2019 Humanitarian of the Year Award. 

During the award presentation, Milner’s commitment to giving back and investing in the community were touted, as well as his business practices and kindness.

“I did not expect this. I thought this was just a chance for a good lunch and conversation about the company,” he told the group. “Thank you for this honor. I’m always happy to support community groups whenever I’m able.”

Noon Exchange’s Humanitarian of the Year is an annual recognition given to a member of the Warren County community who shows visible passion for serving. The group tries to choose individuals whose work often goes unnoticed. 

“We appreciate everyone who puts their time and talent into making our community a better place and you always have standouts in that field, people who are always recognized for their work,” said club president Duane Sherrill. “With this award, however, we like to recognize community members who stay behind the scenes but who still put their heart and soul into their service.” 

Milner is known for his work with the Warren County educational system, Pioneer athletic programs, and Meals on Wheels, to name just a few organizations. He has also provided support to many local Exchange Club projects through the years. 

Milner and the Dr Pepper are probably best known for providing the annual Fourth of July fireworks display for free to the community.

 “You have made the Dr Pepper name synonymous with generosity in our community,” said Noon Exchange member Ashley Wright, who made the presentation. “Your dedication to investing in and giving back to the community has inspired a whole generation of professionals in Warren County. Your customers, your employees, and just this whole town loves, respects and cares tremendously about you.”

The Noon Exchange Club of McMinnville typically meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at the TSU Nursery Research Center. More information about the club and meeting details can be found on the club’s Facebook page or by calling (931) 607-4317.