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Meth lab found after chase
Couple charged after stolen truck clocked at 89 mph
Sarah Margaret Lewis was charged with initiating the process to manufacture meth.

A couple has been charged with child endangerment after the makings of a meth lab were found inside their Robert Wilson Road home, many of the components in reaching distance of children.
The suspects, Sarah Margaret Lewis, 25, and Roger L. Womack, 52, are also charged with initiating the process to manufacture meth.
The raid on their home came after Lewis was clocked in a stolen Chevy pickup going 89 in a 65 mph zone on Nashville Highway. Deputy Jared Jacobs said the vehicle turned onto Pigeon Hill Road and accelerated.
“The vehicle passed a car on double yellow marked lines near Unity Church,” he recalled, noting she turned into her driveway and ran inside.
When the lawmen went to the door, he was met with a strong chemical smell he believed to be meth. He was able to locate Lewis and take her into custody.
Womack refused the deputy’s request to search the home but was rebuffed a short time later when officers obtained a search warrant. In the meantime, officers discovered the truck Lewis was driving had been reported stolen out of Marion County. They also found several items used in the production of meth inside the pickup.
Once inside the home, lawmen found more meth lab components.
“The items were found in common living areas that were shared with both 3- and 5-year-olds living in the home,” the deputy said, noting Lewis and Womack both reside at the home with the children.