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Memory bricks for sale to renovate historic Medical Clinic
Commemorative bricks are being sold as a fundraising effort to renovate The Medical Clinic and Hospital, a historic Art Deco brick building constructed in 1937. The bricks will be used in a walkway at the front of the building. Pictured is the brick purchased by Bobby Kirby. He was born at the hospital in 1965.
Do you want to help preserve McMinnville history by building a future walkway? Under pending construction will be a Memory Brick Walkway for the restoration of the historic building that was The Medical Clinic and Hospital. It served McMinnville for more than 40 years and was built almost 80 years ago.“This historic building that played such an important part in McMinnville’s history is one of the last Art Deco buildings in Middle Tennessee that has not been changed,” said Rachel Killebrew, a member of the committee charged with restoration.